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The Secret to Personal Change

Deepak Chopra is definitely on target in his article, The Secret to Personal Change.  And it’s so in keeping with personality typing.  As a practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) and a weight-loss expert, I couldn’t agree more when he says, “The secret to personal change is to stop fighting against yourself”.

If you need to lose some weight, what’s your first inclination when you hear about a new diet? “I’m ready. Bring it on..” Of course, this is only hope on your part that maybe this “new” diet will work when none of the other “new” diets have worked.

I’ll tell you why they haven’t worked. You’ve been attempting to lose weight in a way that isn’t comfortable for your type. It’s a way that makes you fight against who you really are.

For example, if one of your MBTI® preferences is Judging, meaning that you can handle structure in your life (in fact, if you have Judging in your type name, you’d be lost without structure), food diaries will work for you. You have what it takes to rigorously write down what you eat, how much, where you ate the food, what you were feeling at the time – all the usual bits of information required in a food diary. But, let’s say that you’ve got Perceiving in your type name. You’re going to have to use willpower to keep that food diary and we know that willpower can’t last indefinitely.  it’s just not in the Perceiver’s nature to be that structured.

Why fight it? Why not find the way to lose weight that aligns with your true nature? Then losing weight isn’t a matter of gritting your teeth and using willpower until you reach your goal (at which point you’re figuring you can go back to acting “normal”).  By working with your type rather than against it, you end up learning a way of life (and not just a way to lose weight) that should last a lifetime. I wrote Your Personality Diet to get people off the dieting merry-go-round.

If you haven’t done so already, take the free personality quiz to find out what your type is. Then watch the video to get a better understanding of what personality typing is all about. Lastly, get the book Your Personality Diet to find lasting success.

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