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“Know your type to improve your life”

RobertaSchwartzWennikMSRDRoberta brings something unique to the dietetic profession – she is an expert in the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®), as well as a registered dietitian.  She combines the two fields to present a personality approach to health. Roberta likes to say “know your type and you can improve your life”.

She is also the holder of a U.S. patent for the innovative nutrient monitoring system, Drawing the Line on Calories, Carbs, and Fat.  Through testing and research at the University of Washington, this system was shown to have statistically significant effect in helping people make healthy changes to their lifestyle habits.

Roberta did her undergraduate work at the University of California at Berkeley.  She received her master’s degree in Nutrition from the University of Washington, followed by her certification and RDN credentials from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  She then became a certified practitioner of the MBTI®.

She loves to write as you can see from the many books and popular magazine articles she has authored.  At heart, she is a teacher no matter whether it’s speaking to a group of people, in front of a classroom, or sharing her knowledge in her books.

Roberta and her husband, Larry, started the company, Affordable Editing Services at to help others achieve their dream of having their work published, whether it be a book, blog posts, magazine articles, etc.  As they like to say, “no author should be without an editor and coach”.


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Health Hijackers by Roberta Schwartz Wennik, MS RDNHealth Hijackers

Find out what and who is hijacking your health and what you can do about it.







Your Personality Diet

It’s not about what you eat, but what approach you take to losing weight.  By taking an approach suited to your personality type, it becomes a way of life rather than a diet.





Roll a Recipe by Roberta Schwartz Wennik MS RDNRoll a Recipe

Don’t know what to cook tonight? Roll the dice and find a recipe and ingredients.  Want different ingredients? Roll again. Have fun! Be creative!






Is It Worth It? by Roberta Schwartz Wennik MS RDNIs It Worth It?

Life shouldn’t be complicated.  Live your life according to who you are.  Find out what is essential and what needs to go.





Intuitive Living by Roberta Schwartz Wennik MS RDNIntuitive Living

This book takes you beyond just intuitive eating and mindfulness.  It’s about living all of life in a way that is comfortable for your type.





To Eat or Not to Eat, That is the Question by Roberta Schwartz Wennik MS RDNTo Eat or Not to Eat

Do you ever wonder what makes you decide what to eat? And do you also wonder sometimes why you chose what you ate. Find out how to make better choices all in the way you ask the question and decide the answer.




Your Personality Lifestyle by Roberta Schwartz Wennik MS RDN Your Personality Lifestyle

This book is perfect for the healthcare professional to learn about the 16 Types and how best to work with those types for the best health outcomes. By knowing your clients better, you can serve them better.



Drawing the Line on Calories, Carbs, and Fat by Roberta Schwartz Wennik, MS, RDNDrawing the Line on Calories, Carbs, and Fat

(Out of print)

Drawing the Line is a patented monitoring system that gives users a connect-the-dots approach to tracking food intake and exercise. You no longer have to write everything down. Just draw lines between dots and create a picture of how you’re eating.

Boomer's Guide to Getting the Weight Off for GoodBoomer’s Guide to Getting the Weight Off for Good

Alpha Books (2004)

Baby boomers (and, actually, all adults) – you CAN take the weight off and keep it off permanently by taking your personality into consideration


Your Personality Prescription by Roberta Schwartz Wennik, MS, RDNYour Personality Prescription

Kensington (1999)

Groundbreaking book that introduces the innovative concept of understanding personality type to improve your lifestyle habits.




Beyond Food LabelsBeyond Food Labels

Perigee (1996)

Before many really understood what the Daily Values were on Nutrition Facts labels, Beyond Food Labels brought clarity to a new approach.  Learn how to  use the Daily Values.  A reference of over 1000 foods.





Nutrition Facts for Better Bodies 

HealthEdco (1993)

An easy-to-read overview of basic nutrition facts.

What’s New on the Label?

HealthEdco (1993)

A pocket-sized booklet on understanding how to read and use the information on food labels.

Roberta’s articles have appeared in:

Wennik appears in Outlook, Elegant Bride, Fitness, Fit MagazineFit Magazine            Cooking Light

Fitness                        Elegant Bride

Eating Well               Mature Outlook




Roberta has been a spokesperson for such companies as Coca-Cola, Vitamin Water, and APRE (Alliance for Potato Research and Education).


For those in the Seattle area, you’ve heard her on Station 1150 KKNW, “You’re Talkin’ with Joe Schipacci”.


Roberta has appeared on television on PBS, Fox News and TLC, sharing good nutrition facts for the consumer.  Check out Media for some of her clips.


Roberta volunteers at the local community college, helping adults in the Adult Basic Education Department achieve their GED (General Education Development), a high-school equivalent diploma. Many people need support in reading, writing and math.  She also volunteers in her granddaughter’s class, finding a great joy  in seeing  kids’ eyes light up when they get that aha moment.  At heart, Roberta is a teacher, no matter what she’s doing or who she is working with.