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About Personality and Psychological Type

Watch the slideshow to learn a bit about personality typing.  Then take the free personality quiz to find out what your type is.  Sometimes people prefer to take the quiz first so they’re not influenced by the descriptions. You decide.  If you know your type, use the drop down “Personality Types” and click on your type name.

While researchers are busily studying possible causes of obesity—from genetic connections to environmental factors—have you ever thought that it could just be your personality type at the root of the problem?

There are too many people today who are overweight or obese to attribute it to just one reason.  Yet, with 16 possible personality types (according to the mother-daughter team of Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs, developers of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®—also known as the MBTI® instrument), maybe who we are has more to do with our gaining or losing weight than the causes researchers are studying.

Pyschological type was developed by the Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, in the 1920s and later elaborated by Myers and her mother, Briggs, who had been studying Jung’s theories for some time.  What interested them all was how we use our mind, our values, and our feelings in the everyday business of living.  With so much information available for the taking and so many decisions to make every day, something within us must be guiding us in the process.   They saw this guiding force to be our personality, with its many facets coloring our lives and influencing our behaviors.  In order to find out what those facets were, Myers and Briggs developed a questionnaire, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®).

Take advantage of knowing your type to live more mindfully and intuitively.