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Health Hijackers by Roberta Schwartz Wennik MS RDN

Health Hijackers

Who They Are and How To Stop Them

Introducing the Zig-Zag Solution™
based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

Health Hijackers: Who They Are and How to Stop Them, is based on the works of world-renowned psychologists and Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky. They proved that our living on autopilot, aka fast thinking (fast, intuitive, emotional), is hijacking our lives. 

However, once you learn the unique deliberate, logical, and mindful slow thinking approach called the Zig-Zag SolutionTM presented in this book, you finally can take control of your life.  You’ll be amazed at the healthier, more meaningful decisions you’ll be making. This approach is a way to guard against the mental glitches that get us into trouble.  

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Praises for Health Hijackers

     “If, like me, you have difficulty establishing healthy lifestyle choices, “Health Hijackers” is the book for you! And, if you’re interested in learning how to use your personality type to make better choices, you’ll also enjoy reading this book. Using her years of research and study, Roberta Schwartz Wennik has developed the “Zig-Zag” approach to making well-reasoned healthy choices, as opposed to making snap, probably unwise, decisions. Her well-written and well-documented book has an especially pleasing casual tone, and the personal anecdotes leave me with the feeling that Roberta and I had a chat over coffee. You’ll also learn a lot about yourself, how you make choices, and about your interactions with others, as well. I highly recommend it.” 

Jane Wilcox Foutz, M.A., California

     “I loved it!  It was a great step into the MBTI® once again for me and your ideas linking fast/slow thinking with the Zig-Zag was a good reminder, even for someone with a good understanding of personality type.  Your questions used to appeal to the intuitive were a significant reminder for me, possessing not an ounce of intuition!”

Carrie Scott, U.K.

     “For me, the core of Health Hijackers, and the one with the most take-home value, is the “Zig-Zag Solution™”. While I am analytical and tend to think slowly and methodically anyway, that doesn’t mean — when trying to make a decision — I don’t skip over those aspects of my personality type that are not my strong suit. Using the SNTF (Sensing, iNtuiting, Thinking, and Feeling) pattern in the zig-zag pattern will force me to incorporate other ways of looking at things more than I normally do, and in a different order than I usually follow. As one can tell, I haven’t used the method a lot yet, but plan to. I plan to add a subsequent review once I have used it more, and of course contribute to My Story. I do think the potential of the Zig-Zag method could be extensive and could apply to virtually any decision-making opportunity, not just one involving health. In spite of the wealth of information that is in this book, I found it easy to read. I think readers new to Myers-Briggs personality typing (the MBTI®) will not feel overwhelmed. The prose is straightforward and friendly and should have wide appeal. All in all, a four-star book!

Colleen Cookson, Arizona

  “There’s so much here, it could realistically have 3 spin-off books.  What’s I found most beneficial was: 1) Understanding behavioral economics and cognitive biases to reframe how we use out instincts positively in a way to improve our relationship with food and overall health.  2) Learning about my MBTI® type so as to improve my exercise/eating/relaxation balance.  (Loved the concept of the three-legged stool.)  3) How using the Zig-Zag Solution™ (aka slow thinking) can help us reconnect with the pleasure of food and movement, something that can be challenging in our modern world.”  

Dana Mills Taylor, Oregon

    “Having recently become interested in the neuroscience and psychology of how we make decisions and form habits for health, this book came along just at the right time. I was also very happy to see that Health Hijackers: Who They Are and How to Stop Them was written by a fellow registered dietitian—Roberta Schwartz Wennik, MS, RDN. This is not Wennik’s first book connecting personality type to health, but I think I like this one best because it deals with enhancing one’s decision-making ability.

Wennik’s trademarked Zig-Zag Solution™ is a framework to enhance decision-making for a wide variety of personality types (16 of them)! By assembling information and then analyzing it to determine possible outcomes and consequences, we can make informed and rational decisions versus simply acting on auto-pilot or out of habit. Applying Wennik’s technique to counteract situations or habits that are detrimental to our health means that all of us who are willing to use “slow thinking” can optimize our health. We can make choices and logical decisions instead of just reacting or avoiding a situation.

This is not just a book of theories or ideas. You’ll learn practical ways to break down health-related decisions using a simple process. I found lots of ideas and suggestions here that I can apply to my own life and that of my students and clients. I recommend this book if you’re interested in how your personality and the way you think influence the way you make choices and live your life.”

Catherine Broihier, MS, RD, LD – NutriComm Inc., New York

     “I appreciate the continuous theme of fast and slow thinking discussed in Health Hijackers, something that constantly challenges me to take a moment to think of my habits and actions. This not only applies to my diet, but my mental health as well (which, really, is intertwined with my physical health).

I also appreciate Wennik’s knowledge and expertise that challenges the fast-thinking phishing ideologies that are perpetuated by food companies and media. Having studied communication along with cognitive psychology and self-control, I am amazed again and again how a simple (yet effective) 30-second commercial or simple branding can establish a strong, but inaccurate frame of health and wellbeing. I believe the only way to break out of the cycle is to actively remind myself to exercise slow thinking and stay alert amidst the bombarding, repetitious messages of profit that are cloaked as “help”.

Hannah H Kim, Washington

        “As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I found Health Hijackers” to be an extraordinary book that provides insight into how personality impacts our behavior. The focus is on wellness and there are many tools in the book where one can zero into their personality and learn how to improve their nutrition based on their traits. The author provides an explanation of the different personality themes so one does not need to take the Myers-Briggs assessment. The book is a new perspective on identifying ways one can improve their health based on their unique personality traits. 

Reyna Franco, MS, RDN, CSSD, CLT, FAND, CPT, DipACLM, New York

     “I totally agree with what Wennik has shared in her book. Fast thinking has definitely been my downfall.  The method she uses really is the ‘solution’.  It has helped me so much in reconsidering my first response.  I’m now taking more time in my decision-making and reaping the benefits for my new slow thinking approach to life.”

Charlie J., Australia

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