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To Eat or Not To Eat, That Is the Question

Everything we do, no matter how simple or complex, requires us to make a decision.
Good decisions lead to healthy habits.
It’s the bad decisions that need help. They created your unhealthy habits.
How do you plan on changing those unhealthy habits?
Answer: Learn how to make good decisions by:
  • Discovering your personality type (based on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®)
  • Understanding who you are and what makes you tick

If you follow the Z-Pattern of decision-making discussed in this book, there should be no guilt
when you make a decision (even when deciding to have that piece of cake!)

This is mindful and intuitive eating, exercise, and stress-reduction done your way – according to type.


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Praise for “TO EAT OR NOT TO EAT”

Freda Butner
Nutrition Marketing
Specialist NC Dept
of Agriculture

This book was absolutely fabulous! Thank you for your contribution in this field. There are so many comments I could make, but I gave a stab in the two below.

Roberta proposes a “just right for you” plan that easily navigates how to bring about healthy habits that result in a confirmed, positive life style –no matter the current problems or history to reaching this desired state. Her logic is eye opening and should not only be required reading for all nutrition students but will set the stage for ending all the fad diet books not yet published!
Roberta spells out how to navigate a decent relationship with food based on personality. We all have one, so why not approach our food decisions based on the way we think and act –the same as we do for most all of our daily decisions. These simple and sound principles will set you free because it unleashes the secrets of every individual and once and for all settles the perfect, personal pathway to health. No nutrition professional should be without this book and is a must read for individuals!
Congratulations. I look forward to seeing this on the NYT Best Seller’s List!
Melissa Musiker
Vice President,
Food and Nutrition Policy APCO Worldwide
This ENTJ really enjoyed reading the book. It makes total sense to me that personality typing can help people build weight management plans that work for how they make decisions. Fundamentally, all diets work the same way- getting you to eat fewer calories. Finding the right lifestyle system for you is the hard part. I think this book gives valuable clues for how to find the right system.
Hile Rutledge
President, OKA

With this book, Roberta Wennik is marrying her deep knowledge of wellness and diet to the field of type to help answer the question of “So what?” that so often arises after someone is introduced to Psychological Type. Type training clearly has a new voice and application area.

Sandra Meyerowitz
Certified LEAP Therapist Nutrition Works

To Eat or Not to Eat provides a new twist on how to approach the dilemma we face each and every day. Whether it’s at work during a slow part of the day, at dinner with friends, or any number of other situations, we have to decide when and what to eat. This book outlines helpful ways to make those decisions that feel right because they are geared toward our own personality traits.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test included in the book gives much insight into understanding the characteristics that make us tick and why we come to the conclusions that we do. This is the foundation that sets up the personalized decision making tools so eating is in our control, not a result of outside factors like the clock says 12:00pm, so I should eat now.
I recommend this book for people who have lost sight of when it is appropriate to eat, those that feel they don’t have control of their eating, or for people wishing to lose weight in a healthy manner by changing their lifestyle behaviors.
Judy Barbe
Principal, Live Best
Rich in examples and suggestions, To Eat or Not to Eat, That Is the Question, is more like a conversation with author Roberta Wennik. An expert in personality type based on the Myers-Briggs, Wennik explores decision making that can impact health behaviors. If you’re ready for change and willing to put in the time to understand what makes you tick, this book is ready to guide you.
Marie Annette Hise
Food, Culinary and
Nutrition Consultant
Certification in
Weight Management
by AND

This is not another typical quick weight loss diet and recipe book. In fact the author addresses weight loss along with other lifestyle habits including “physical activity” and stress management in terms of how we make decisions about these areas of our lives, and our relationship with food, exercise and stress management. It is all about taking control of our decisions and not feeling guilty about them. It is not a book of what we can and cannot do.

Ms. Wennik writes confidently about all aspects of changing habits around how we make decisions. She is an expert, and one of very few dietitians who is, in the administering and explanation of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, included in the book and she firmly believes that until we know how we tick, we cannot make good decisions. The “Z Pattern” for decision-making is presented based on the personality preferences and works for all types of decisions.
The author discusses how to gauge hunger and fullness and how to gain more satisfaction; the difference between taste and flavor and how to enhance the latter; key nutrients, shopping tips, and much more in under 200 pages. The book can serve as a workbook for the professional and client or for the general population. It is a definite go-to for healthy lifestyle management.
Brenda Richardson
National speaker
and author

Roberta Schwartz Wennik, M.S., R.D.N. has created a masterful and powerful book that helps you truly make healthy lifestyle decisions using your own unique personality type. To Eat or Not to Eat, That is the Question (…but not the only question!), guides you through determining your unique personality type and then applying decision-making resulting in your being in control with healthy lifestyle decisions. This book is packed full of credible resources to choose what works for you. It guides you to successfully experience life on your own terms and with you in the “driver seat”. I highly recommend this book!!

Thank you for allowing me to review the book. I wish you the very best. It is an excellent book and I know will be a valuable resource to many.
Nutrition Coaching
and Counseling
Food and Wellness
Speaker and Writer
To Eat or Not To Eat s not a book of dieting rules. In fact, it’s not a diet book at all. Diet plans squeeze the person into a rigid plan. This book is different. This book fits a flexible, unique plan to the person. Roberta Wennik brings her readers a new way of seeing their choices about food for what they really are – a series of small decisions that move readers towards or away from their health goals. It applies mindful,
personalized decision-making skills to food, exercise, and stress and provides readers with a new approach. The reader is led through determining their Personality Type and then shown how to use the Z-Pattern of decision-making to make better decisions. By following the Z-Pattern to decide whether “to eat or not to eat,” the reader will move towards a healthier weight and better overall health – they will learn to decide mindfully in order to live intuitively.

As a registered dietitian who works with people on making food decisions every day, I believe this approach will bring a new level of awareness to how readers make decisions about food and eating. It will give them a strategy to use in the moment, which will lead them to make the best decision for their unique lives in that unique moment in time.

This process helps the reader consider where they are in their readiness to change, and then gives them practical certainty, a road map to find their way to a different way of thinking about change. So many people are intimated by change – so I think this process will benefit people who are “stuck” and who want to think more deeply about the way they make decisions. When you know your personality profile, it’s the first step toward understanding how and why you make decisions. And then you learn how your current way of operating may be just what’s holding you back from moving forward toward weight loss, or toward other areas in your life that you might want to improve.

More than just intuitive eating, this book shows readers how to undertake different thought processes and find their way to thinking and reacting differently – for example, if you are, like me, a ESTJ, you’ll find that you are a Manager. But as a manager, I’m also sort of rigid in my thinking, very “black or white”, and that can create stressful situations. But now that I know this, I can rethink the way I react to certain people, and create mental strategies to improve my relationships.
This is not a “diet” book, this is a “thinking” book, giving the reader who is seeking a guide excellent information. good information so that if they decide to tackle behavioral change, they have credible, readable, practical resources.
Penny Levy
Registered Dietitian
Nutritionist Consultant

Roberta’s book moves you along a continuum of self-improvement by first identifying your personality preferences and then helping you understand why you make the decisions you do. You learn to tap into other preferences to move you out of established habits.

I appreciate the self-awareness I gained for not only personal but also professional reasons. As I read her book, I considered not only myself but my clients and even my family as I explored the different
personality preferences and decision-making influences. With the four finger practice and cheat sheet, she packages her in-depth explanations for on the go decision-making. It’s great to see a book that gets to the heart of the matter – personality preferences – when it comes to making lifestyle changes. Roberta’s
experience rings through loud and clear with her applied examples and excellent nutrition content.
Career and Life Coach,
International Speaker,
Author Dynamic
Communication Services

To Eat or Not To Eat, That Is the Question – While you might already know your MBTI® personality type, using the Z-Pattern of decision making and relating that to living healthy, is a new approach. The obstacles to eating and living healthy are discussed from the perspective of personality type.

The book contains many questions and tips to put you on the correct path to success for your personality type, and provides an eye-opening look at why we do things differently. This is not a diet book, but does provide useful information related to diet and exercise. The result is conscious and guilt free decisions about what and how much you eat.
Bob McAlpine
Roberta’s book highlights a new way to apply type theory and offers ideas that will be helpful to all.
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