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Personality Type and COVID

December 28, 2020| By

Sensor and iNtuitive - Personality Type and COVID

Those familiar with the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) will recognize that, of the various preferences that make up personality typing, Sensing and iNtuiting are probably having the most influence on how people are dealing with the COVID virus.

To quickly find out if you have Sensing or iNtuiting in your type name, go here to answer the portion of the free personality quiz that shows whether you favor Sensing or iNtuiting.  Once you know, come back and keep reading.

Sensors perceive that which is observable by way of the senses, that which exists, the immediate experience, the present moment, and that which is practical.   The perception of iNtuitives, on the other hand, is based on the possibilities, the meanings behind things, and the understanding of relationships by way of insight.  On the downside, iNtuitives pursue possibilities that may overlook actualities.  However, their imagination, theories, and future orientation give them a different perspective on the world than do Sensors.

I like to say that Sensors are the “what-is” people and iNtuitives are the “what-might-be” people.

My daughter and I were having a discussion about the virus and what she was doing to keep from getting it.  Just to let you know, she has Sensing in her type name.   I, on the other hand, have iNtuiting in my type name.  While I’m more cautious just because I’m older, I’m also more cautious because of that iNtuiting in my type name.

My daughter lives-in-the moment and because she doesn’t see the COVID around her, it’s not something that is of real concern for her.  She thinks that the internet articles about COVID have been blown out of proportion to what really exists — that which is around her.  When there are mask mandates, she’ll wear a mask without complaining.  Otherwise, she won’t wear a mask.  I should also mention that she lives in a “red” state.  (How she ended up there is a long story.  She wasn’t born there.)  What she sees and reads is what she believes.  Considering that the internet leans in so many directions, people read what confirms their biases or what their friends are thinking, something the noted Nobel Peace Prize winner, Daniel Kahneman, discussed in his book, Thinking-Fast and Slow.

With my having iNtuiting in my type name, I’m the one doing the worrying for both of us.  iNtuitives are concerned with consequences.  I believe that there is no reason to put ourselves in harm’s way.  Why tempt fate?  I live in a “blue” state and we’ve had a mask mandate since early 2020.  I tend to limit my shopping to just a couple of grocery stores, shop during senior hours, and get in and out as quickly as possible.  You see, my iNtuiting is telling me “what might be”.  I don’t want to end up being a statistic.  And while I’m being cautious, I still worry.

What are you?  Are you doing your part to get this virus under control?  If you’re a Sensor, go find yourself an iNtuitive and find out what he or she is thinking and doing.  This virus doesn’t have a personality.  It can’t change.  But whatever your personality type is (and if you’re curious as to what is your complete type name, take the free personality quiz ), understand that there is much to be learned from those who are different than us.

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