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The Pig Personality Profile

Gordon Cotton of Training and Development Marine Atlantic Inc. created this clever activity to help companies build strong team members in a fun way. Participants learn a lot about themselves and their fellow members.  While not a scientific test, see how your responses compare to the results you get on the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®)

Instructions:  On a blank piece of paper, draw a pig.  DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER UNTIL YOU HAVE DRAWN YOUR PIG.

What Your Drawing Says About Your Personality:  If you drew your pig …

  • Toward the top of the paper — you’re a positive optimistic person
  • Toward the middle of the paper horizontally — you’re a realist
  • Toward the bottom of the paper — you’re pessimistic and have a tendency to behave negatively
  • Facing left — you’re a traditionalist, friendly, remember dates
  • Facing forward (looking at you) — you’re direct, enjoy playing devil’s advocate, don’t fear or avoid discussions
  • Facing right — you’re innovative, active, don’t have strong sense of family or remember dates
  • With many details — you’re analytical, cautious, distrustful
  • With few details — you’re emotional, naive, care little for details, are a risk-taker
  • With four legs — you’re secure, stubborn, stick to your ideals
  • With less than four legs — you’re insecure or living through period of major change
  • With very large ears — you’re a good listener
  • With a very long tail — you’ve got a good sex life

Note: This test was just for fun.  It is not a test that has been validated as is true of the MBTI.

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