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Have you ever felt that some inner being has taken control of you?  That you just don’t seem to be acting like your usual self, wondering just what demons took over.  “What in the world got into me that I would sit down and eat that whole box of cookies?”  “When did I start being the logical one?”  Maybe you’ve said things about others that reflect a similar sense.  “Joe is always the sensible one in the group.  So where did he come up with some of those really bizarre ideas?”  Or, “Sally, who is always the life of the party, talking with as many people as time allows, has been just sitting there all night keeping to herself.  What gives?”

We all have our “out-of-character” moments — moments that leave us puzzled, distressed, or even embarrassed.  We expect that our everyday behavior and actions, as well as those of others we know, will be fairly consistent over time.  And, actually, over time they are.  That consistency helps define our “character”.  However, it makes us much more acutely aware of when we no longer seem to be acting as we would expect.  The best way to explain our in-character and out-of-character behaviors is through personality typing, most notably the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, also known as the MBTI®.

Learn what your type is, what your individual “hidden personality” is, how it may affect your best of health intentions, and how to deal with it sabotaging those intentions.

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