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Do fat dogs have fat owners?

January 18, 2011| By

The obvious correlation here is if one’s dog is fat, it probably isn’t getting much exercise and it’s eating too much.  And if he isn’t getting enough exercise,


can the same thing be said of his master?



People who work out in the gym are probably not going to let their dogs become overweight.  There is a certain mentality that goes along with exercise.  Let’s just say that people who exercise and eat right wouldn’t want anything less for their pets.

Not only are people’s pets a product of their own health habits, but have you ever noticed how some people look like their pets?  We tend to get pets that work well with our own personalities.  High-strung people aren’t probably getting St. Bernards or bassett hounds.

A chowhuahua may be more in keeping.  So, next time you wonder what someone’s personality is, look to their pets for the answer.


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2 thoughts on “Do fat dogs have fat owners?

    1. Are you and your dog eating the same things? I like to suggest that people lose weight based on their personality type, making the approach comfortable for them. Check it out at my website, By the way, while I couldn’t analyze your dog’s personality from the MBTI (R), as we all know, dogs do have personalities. Those that are more outgoing would probably be considered “Extraverts”. Find out what other preferences make up personality typing.

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