Advantage Diets
Your Personality Approach to Healthy Living
“Know your type to improve your life”


Table of Contents

Part 1 — Type and You


Chapter 1:   About Type

Chapter 2:    Getting To Know the Preferences

Chapter 3:   How We Naturally Make Decisions

Chapter 4:   Your Type’s Shadow Side

Chapter 5:   The Optimal Z-Pattern of Decision-Making

Part 2 — The Excuses

Chapter 6:   The Why-I-Gained-the-Weight  Blame Game

Chapter 7:   The Power of Words

Part 3 — Lifestyle Know-How

Chapter 8:   To Eat or Not To Eat?

Chapter 9:   Is It Worth the Calories?

Chapter 10:   To Exercise or Not to Exercise?

Chapter 11:   To Relax or Not to Relax?

Chapter 12:   Having Grit


Sample Pages

As the saying goes, “you can’t tell a book by its cover.”  Click here to get a sample taste of what you’ll find in the book.

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I hope you now see how much you’ll learn from Intuitive Living.  I’ve been involved with personality typing since 1991.  I’ve seen so many people succeed at achieving their goals done in a way that is comfortable for their type.  This book shows you how to be in control of your life.  If not now, then when?

All the best,

Roberta Wennik