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How to Jump Start Your Summer with a Few Weight-Loss Ideas

Some parts of the country are already into bathing suits while others are just starting to see it get warm enough for bathing suits. Wherever you live, here are a few tips on making sure you still fit into that bathing suit.

  • While exercise is great for burning calories, it’s your general physical activity during the whole day that really makes the difference. Don’t just sit at your computer all day (even if you had a healthy run this morning). Get up every hour or so and move. It could be a short walk around the block or maybe get a hula hoop and get your heart rate up a bit. Sitting just lets all the blood settle at your feet, making your heart have to work that much harder to get the blood circulated.
  • Consider what you’re eating and when. Do you eat only when you’re hungry? Or do you eat because others are having something and you join in? Are you making the healthiest choices when you eat?
  • If you increase the amount of fruits, vegetables, and fiber you eat during the day, you’ll be surprised at how much more satiated you feel. Nature was kind enough to package the fruits and vegetables in convenient serving sizes. You don’t even have to read a label!

By the way, don’t forget to wear sunscreen. You only need about twenty minutes a day of sun exposure to get enough vitamin D for your health. Covering up with sunscreen allows you to stay out a little longer.

Happy summer!

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